Cotton Soap Saver Bag


Soap Saver Bags are non-bleached, bio eco-cotton bags. They can be very useful for all those end pieces of your favourite soaps. Just pop your bits (or a fresh bar) inside the bag, pull the drawstring, wet the bag and you’ll be able to gently scrub while the bag and soap work together to produce a pleasing lather. This handy-sized bag won’t slip out of your hand, so no more chasing soap around the shower. When you’re finished, just wring the bag & hang it up to dry on the shower or the tap. It’s re-useable and machine washable.

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These cotton bags have been GOTS certified which means that, compared to regular cotton, these are cleaner for the environment because no toxic substances may be used in growing or production and better for employees because there must be a social plan in accordance with ILO (International Labour Organization) guidelines.

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