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Arial View of Stronsay

Available from www.orkneystarislandsoap.co.uk and various outlets throughout Orkney and the Isles including “Odin Stone” Kirkwall, J. Scott & Miller, Kirkwall; The Workshop & Gallery, St. Margaret’s Hope;  The Quernstone, Stromness .  In Stronsay they are available from M. Williamson at Olive Bank and the Post Office, Whitehall village.

I love making soap – it’s as satisfying as baking bread, and can be just as temperamental!  My cold-processed handmade soaps are made from my own carefully blended recipes.   I’ve chosen nourishing oils to help care for your skin and created soap that is gentle, long lasting and smells great.  My ingredients and methods are passed and certified by Chartered Chemist and Safety Assessor Scott Grainger in compliance with EU legislation for cosmetic products.  I always sample new soaps myself before releasing them for sale. 

Soap STackI make them in my home by the beautiful Mill Bay on the island of Stronsay, surrounded by sea, sky and fields.  The land and seascapes along with local folklore provide me with endless sources of inspiration.   This is often reflected in the soaps and their names.  Nature is so big around me that I can’t help feeling that a little bit of island magic becomes infused into every batch.  This is really what it’s all about for me.  I like my soap to be fun, lots of bubbles, magic, nourishing to the senses and soul, colourful, quirky, practical, unique to the place and person who makes it.  If that’s what you’re looking for, then look no further!

My soaps provide the perfect way of bringing a slice of Orkney direct to you.  Soap is always great to give as a gift... to others and yourself.